“You will walk out feeling great!”

" I have been seeing Ms. Heide Elsworth for over 6 years. Whenever I have had a muscle having fits, a joint giving me pain, or just needing to unwind, this lady can fix it all!! I don't endorse too many things on Facebook, but I am HAPPY to share how knowledgeable and caring Heide is when it comes to massage and alternative options for healthy living. Her "bedside manner" is fabulous. You will walk out feeling great! Message her if you want to meet her and get an appointment."
~ Mendy Putnam

“… a very special message therapist.”

"Heide is a very special message therapist. She combines intuition with medical knowledge to provide an experience that addresses your body, mind, and spirit's unique needs. "

"I have been seeing Heide as my primary body worker since 2009. During that time she has helped me with numerous health problems and trauma release. Her training in neurology and cranial-sacral techniques was a critical piece of my recovery from a traumatic brain injury, and her talent with muscles and lymph have made a serious difference with chronic pain that I have experienced most of my life.

"I do not know of anyone else in the region that has the vast variety of training, experience and skills Heide possesses."
~ H.K.

“Heide is awesome! “

"I began seeing Heide at Interwoven 8 in 2013 for whiplash and subsequent neurological related injuries after failing to find relief thru conventional approaches. Regular hands-on cranial sacral treatments gave me not only relief but helped my body to continue thru the many subtle stages of recovery. I started out with so much anxiety, constant fatigue and pain, as well as extreme light & sound sensitivities, all of which are much improved thanks to Heide’s skillful hands. "

"Heide understands how the brain work and does an excellent job helping it promote healing. Anyone dealing with head/neck/spine/neurological issues would do very well to include Interwoven 8’s treatments in their recovery plan."
~ Anna Kruse