About Grief Massage

Heide offers a unique and effective approach for those in the grieving process. Grief can, at times, become so overwhelming that the body responds with tightness and rigidity. Sometimes this inhibits the release of emotions and/or promotes an environment where dysfunctions from tension occur. Heideʼs unique approach facilitates the release emotions from the grieving process with ease, giving the client an experience of deep nurturing support.

What to expect from grief massage:

Heide uses a gentle 4-step approach which she personalizes for each client at each session.

An environment of Sanctuary:

First, Heide creates an environment of sanctuary beginning with the surroundings. Then she listens to how you feel and how the grief is showing up. We talk about how life is going for you, areas where tension is being held and how youʼve been sleeping. Where you want to talk about your journey, Heide actively listens; and where you want privacy, Heide respects and honors you.

Active preparation and listening:

Next, Heide washes her hands and reviews everything youʼve shared. This prepares her to bring the personalized support you need for this session. Gently, she beings listening for areas of constraint and tension. The therapeutic touch used during grief work is highly nurturing and non-judgmental.

Facilitating release on several levels:

Heide continues the massage with gentle, intuitive and nurturing touch to promote healing on many levels. Physically the tension in the tissues release; spiritually the person can connect aspects of the grief process without words; and, emotionally the person can connect aspects of loss and “be” with them. Heide provides an emphasis on a calm, neutral presence: “nurturing, connecting the spiritual without judgment.” She is there to offer support and “be” with you while grieving.

Closing the session:

The gentle massage strokes are slowed down to aid in the transition from therapy to the outside world.
Often wisdom and treasures are gained through the grieving process and without words you are invited to
take the next step in this journey. Heide provides a space for clients to grieve rather than experience the
loss a pain. Calm, supportive care is provided as she offers water, encouragement and additional