Each and every person is a delightful composite of tissue that in many respects represents a woven miracle.

Systems of the body interact with one another and have impact that can at times be quite significant. As a bodyworker, a curious symphony unfurls beneath my hands as different levels of tissue interact: a tight ribcage develops into shallow breathing that leads to neck soreness that trails down to hands that go numb now and then. There is a weaving on the inside of a person – a weaving of who a person was, who they are and who they are becoming. Distinctly expressing that deep internal dialogue, is the human body. Itʼs all woven together. Our bodies are much greater than the sum of our parts. Honoring the human body from this holistic perspective brings dignity to every client seen.


The inter part of Interwoven speaks to how individuals relate to one another. When we are at odds with other individuals our bodies can “wear” that conflict. We may feel an upset stomach or tightness in our chests or we may even find tightness in our throats.

When peace flows between individuals a fluidity of relatedness emanates.

The Inter also relates to how each person, family and community relates to their surroundings, especially how they are nurtured/diminished by the foods they consume, the environment they live and work in and the culture that surrounds them. These aspects also impact the human body through a quality we best know as stress. What stresses you out impacts your bodyʼs chemistry and that can create seedbeds for disease (a state of dis ease).


Eight is a number that people associate differently. For some this number represents infinity, it can look like the human body or for others it speaks of completion. Personally, this number has family history as it was my grandfatherʼs brand. It represents ethics, respect, honor, fairness and compassion. My grandfather would have been labeled a horse-whisperer were he living today and so, in a way, the number eight speaks of that intuitive skill of listening beyond words, beyond senses.