Living life fully automatically means that our bodies will experience wear and tear. Our bodies will thank us for the care we provide it. In fact, maintenance is the key to long-term usefulness and fulfillment.

At Interwoven Eight, we support people who desire:

  • Resilient bodies 
  • Bodies able to function well for the long-term
  • Integrated lives where body, soul and spirit thrive and enjoy life
  • Strength and vibrancy for today with endurance and grace for all future tomorrows

Individuals receiving bodywork at Interwoven Eight come from all different places and levels of wellness.

  • Recovering from injuries or accidents resulting from work, sports, hobbies or motor vehicles
  • Recovering from traumas such as PTSD, TBI, Divorce, Job Loss, Loss of Loved One, Abuse, etc.
  • Athletes seeking to push through the next barrier
  • Persons committed to personal stewardship of their well-being

Interwoven Eight provides state-of-the-art therapeutic care through the following modalities:

  • Neurological Assessments for Bodywork
  • Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy
  • Lymph Drainage Therapy
  • Myofascial Therapy, specializing in Bowen Therapy (MRS Technique)
  • Thalassotherapy / Hydro-Therapy / Thermal Therapy

Whether you are looking for a specific modality or relief from a specific malady, Interwoven Eight is an economical, stress-relieving option committed to supporting you and your wellness needs.


20% off Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage

Full body application of heated stones and personalized neuromuscular technique soothe and restore muscles and joints.

Introductory Offer for new clients

20% off first appointment
(non-insurance only)